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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Fall

Fall is all in its glory now. Among the yellows and the browns if you look carefully you can see so many other beautiful shades of leaves too. I think I'll never get tired of this season.It reminds me of the abundant beauty that God has blessed us with. Nature is magical, stunning and truly His gift to us.
 This is a watercolor sketch of fall leaves that I did as part of an online class.

 Yes, I know you will be thinking what is this, the beach in Fall!!  This is a mixed media piece that I did on canvas panel for someone who loves the sea and I was very happy to know that now it is being treasured by her.
Sometimes I try to do art in my daily writing journal and the above painting of trees was created thus in my journal.

I have started creating handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family. This is a book that I made for a special little girl. I have lots more to make and I hope to share them here with you.
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Wishing you all a great weekend


  1. what beautiful projects Susan.Your brightly painted falling leaves page is so fun, along with the beautiful journal page of the trees! I LOVE the sea so of course I think your mixed media piece is gorgeous and def. evokes a love of the ocean. Your "toy " page is just delightful -great composition. It's always a joy to visit you.

  2. Wonderful! Love that texture on the lady. :)

  3. Gorgeous pieces the colorful leaves of course, but that serene textured lady by the sea is amazing!! All wonderful work! Thanks for sharing all this beauty!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. You have been busy! Such wonderful pieces this week! And what a great idea those handmade books. She'll love it!

  5. Love the pages you have shared with us. Makes me think I would enjoy thumbing through all of your journals. I am sure your friends will be delighted with their gifts. What material do you use for your pages?

  6. Your projects are beautiful - the colors in the fall leaves is so eye catching. That girl (lady?) by the sea is gorgeous - I would treasure such a lovely painting as well

  7. These are lovely. My favourite is the trees - I like the spontaneous lively feeling and the colours too.

  8. You have been quite busy!! Anytime of year is good for a beach scene! Lovely!

  9. Hello Susan, finally I'm here to see your post!! Happy to see the fall in your art, always my favorite. Those leaves are beautiful and the trees are my FAVORITE, soooo GORGEOUS!! What a gift you have for trees my friend.
    Susan, that lady at the beach is beautiful and peaceful. My mom is thrilled with it and fits her and her little house so well!! Thank you so much for making this for her, so glad I was able to see it in person and feel the texture on it.
    How fun and sweet the journal is, perfect for a little girl to fill up. Have fun making these, great to start kids young in their own journaling too.
    Hope you are doing well today!! I peeked at the Week 2 videos in class, LOOOOVE THEM!! No time to paint today but love them.
    Thanks so much for the comment on my post, Happy Halloween with your little ones. Take care!

  10. I love the beach lady
    Nice work as always, Susan.


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