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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy November

This year I too wanted to do 30 days of  Gratitude. This is what I did for Day -1. The layout is from an online class that I'm currently taking. Along with it I added our Thankful lines to the page. The two leaf shaped ones are by my eldest son and my hubby, Yes!!! he too joined us yesterday. Due to space limitation I cut my line and glued it on the left side of my picture.
More Fall paintings as part of the class that I'm taking. If you are interested in knowing more about this fall class, check here
I also wanted to share this mixed media piece that I did. It is the last of the beach canvases that I did last month.
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  1. Susan these are terrific and what a wonderful and inspiring idea!! Gratitude is a wonderful way to start the month!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Susan, I'm soooo happy to see your doing Thankful leaves with me this month. Thanks so much for joining in and WOW your family too, great to do this as a family. I love these pieces you did from our class, they are so fun to make. Yours came out beautiful and so FALL, way to go on them and finding the time in your busy week.

    I love that beach one, almost forgot what it was like to have summer. Thanks for the reminder of warm days that just passed so quickly.

    Looking forward to more leaves and thankfulness from you this month. I'm thankful for our friendship!
    Hugs and enjoy your Sunday!

  3. fabulous projects Susan! Love your pretty gratitude pages that included your son and hubby.Pretty colors in your illustrations. LOVE the beach canvas! I'm already looking forward to our next summer :)


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