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Monday, February 3, 2014

29 Faces Day 1-3

This is my second time participating in the 29 Faces challenge hosted by Ayala Art. These are the three faces that I want to share here:
 A face in watercolor. 

I traced this face on wax paper and glued it on brown paper bag .

I used the above face itself and used modeling paste on it for texture. Then I used watercolor on the circles and the background. 
You can find lots of wonderful faces here
Thank you for checking
PS: I will be sharing my first tutorial of the winter page tomorrow.


  1. Susan, these are awesome and fun!! I love the first girl and her hair like that. She is tiny and sweet, love it!! What a difference in the second/third one. I like them both ways actually, good to play around with it and make it colorful like that. Can't go wrong with colors, circles and TEXTURE!!! So glad your doing these again, thought you had done them more then this though. Lovely first set and can't wait to see more of them!!

    YAY, for a tutorial, especially if it's a winter page, as it is very wintery here this morning. My fingers are getting cold while typing. Can't wait for warm spring mornings.

    Guess what I found after emailing you back last night??!! The rest of my tea cup pages, YES!! They were just where I thought they were but somehow couldn't see them. I will take a picture and send it to you.

    Have a wonderful day and stay warm! HUGS!

  2. Susan, I love the beautiful hair on the first one and her sweet face. The second and third ones are really my cup of tea. Great use of colors in number 3.

  3. I really like your day one face, her hair is beautiful. like the use of modelling paste too.

  4. Great faces.... I love the colourful circles especially.

  5. Great faces! love the simplicity of the second face.

  6. Lovely faces - I look forward to seeing more of your art.


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