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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Journal Page -Tutorial

Hello Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. The above picture shows how I usually start my day, over a hot cup of coffee and my daily journal. It is filled with my to do lists, goals for the month, lots of art and so on.

Today there is also another reason why I'm also excited to share this post with you all. For some time I'd been wanting to share the step by step instruction of  my art journal pages. But what happens is that while I create a page I totally forget to take the step by step pictures. So it has always remained as a dream.

 But now, I think the right time has come as I remembered to take the pictures of one of my art pages and Yes! this is going to be my first tutorial post. I'm so happy to share it here with you.

Do you remember this page? This was the first art piece that I did in this year. As we are all getting buried in more and more snow I thought I should  make this page as my first tutorial.[Yes, I think there will be more in the coming weeks-:)]  

As usual I forgot to take the step by step photos of the above page but luckily I had to create the same one again for another project. Then, I remembered to take the pictures of the process.
So then, let us start: 

 Step:1 I gessoed the two sides of a book page and left it to dry. (I don't have a heat dryer yet, hmmm, one day soon I am going to get it. I've heard it makes it so easier for the pages to dry)

 Step:2 I stenciled over the pages using Glimmer mist The color that I used was Dragonfly. (If you don't have the mist you can even try to stencil using blue watercolor or acrylic paint) Don't worry even if the stenciling has not turned out to be perfect, as most of them will get covered in the next step.

 Step:3 After it got dry, I used a Chevron stencil (Heidi Swapp Chevron Stencil)and stenciled over the page with white gesso. I did not use a thick coating, if you don't have gesso, white acrylic paint will also do. Leave it to dry.  
 Can you see the texture here?
Step:4  I next took a plain paper and drew the picture of a bare tree and painted it with Liquitex Basics, Burnt Umber paint. (You can even use watercolor paper and water color paint in brown but acrylic dries quicker) Once the paint was dry, I cut the tree image and adhered it to the background page.

 Step:5 Next was the fun part for me. I sprayed the page with silver Glitter Dust (image given below) and for snow texture added Deco Art's, Glistening Snow-Tex Glittering Snow. I used a spatula to smear it on the page and left it to dry.  Don't forget to smear it on the tree branches too.

Once everything was dry, I added snowflake stickers on to the page,and sprayed glitter dust on Studio Calico chipboard numbers and adhered it on the right bottom side. Finally,I also added a quote written on a white strip of paper on to the left side of the page.

Extra Notes:
You can use water color or acrylic, paints or sprays instead of glimmer mist.
You can use any kind of paper for drawing the tree.
I used snowflake stickers,(sorry, don't remember the product name) but you can use whatever is there in your stash, chipboard images or words related to winter, stamps and so on)
You get the Glitter Dust and Deco Art Snow-Tex Glittering snow at Jo Ann's (If you have any kind of white or silver glitter that will do)
Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the creative time that you get-:)

Hope the tutorial is clear to all and in case you have any questions please put them in the comment section and I will be glad to help you.  If you try this page or something similar to this, please let me know I would love to see what you have done.
Thank you for checking


  1. For a first tutorial, you did a fantastic job. Take it from someone who often does tutorials. I have a heat tool for my main floor craft room and my basement studio, but seldom use them. I have found I'm a bit heavy handed with a heat tool and the heat often creates bubbles in the gesso or paint, especially anything that is applied heavy.

    Yes, I saw the texture. It was lovely, too. You did a very nice job with your post and your tutorial. Thanks for sharing it with us for T(ea) today.

  2. Hey Susan, that's a great tutorial, well done and thank you! I love the idea of using the mists through the stencil...and I love the stencil pattern so much!

  3. Nice page. You gave very clear instructions and I appreciate that you gave options if a person doesn't have the same products you used. Helpful!


  4. Your tutorial is really nicely down. I understood everything and it was nice that you presented options. Thanks so much for sharing how you made your page. Happy T Day!

  5. Hi Susan,
    YAY!! This was so fun to see, I love seeing your step by step in journaling pages!! YOU MUST DO MORE!! Even that first journal peek was fun!! Susan, that tree is gorgeous, love it against the blue background!! All that sparkle and snow makes it magical too, well done my friend!
    Yes, the tutorial was clear and easy to understand and pictures looked great!! Thanks so much for doing this for us.
    The news says the snow is headed our way now, hoping it blows a different way or blows right over us, not sure we need another snow day already, YUCK!! Stay warm and safe!

  6. Your journal is fascinating; thanks for the tutorial. Happy T Day!

  7. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing your process. It's a beautiful image.


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