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Friday, June 13, 2014

Artsy Friday

My Circle Journal have reached home!!! After being away for almost an year she is back. The pages are filled with beautiful art from 14 talented women 
This is my Journal. It is an altered book and I painted the cover using water colors. I am sharing the first seven pages from my book.   

The first beautiful summer art that I received was from Pam who is in California.

Pam then sent it to Raquel in Texas. She did this inspiring page from one of Junelle Jacobson's classes.
The next Fall themed page was done by Emma from California.
 Emma then handed it over to her daughter Cat. Her page is rich in colors and stamp prints.
 I love the texture in the middle of this sunflower. This lovely page was done by Donna from Georgia.
It was then sent to Washington where this shimmery winter page was done by Merri 
By then it was 2014 and she landed in Texas again at Jeanne's place. Love the cheerful colors and the owl  
That is it for today. I will share the next 7 plus my page on my next blog post. 

 As for my own art this week, I'm currently inspired to do daily sketching. I've decided to do one sketch  a day  for the rest of this year, Oops! that is going to be hard still I'm going to give it a try.
This is my first sketch. It is my son's sippy cup-:) I'm sure after a couple of years we are going to enjoy looking at these kind of pictures.

 I'm linking my sketch to Sunday Sketches.
 I'm also linking this post to PPF and Art Journal Everyday
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  1. Hi Susan!! So happy to see more art from you this week. WOW WOW WOW that journal is GORGEOUS and so perfect for YOU!! I love that it has different seasons in it, so cool!! Love that some was inspired my Junelle's class, YAY!! Each one is amazing and they are talented and creative! I bet you were happy dancing when it came back to you safely and beautifully!! Can't wait to see the next 7 pages!! How do you know who and when each person had it? Is there a travel log in it? So cool that it traveled all over, love that idea.

    Susan, I was just thinking last night before falling asleep that I wanted to sketch a day for the year, I miss doing those daily book paper sketches. So we must do this sketching together dear friend and motivate each other to keep it going!! Are you putting yours in your daily journal or a special one just for that? Are you always going to add color?
    This first one is soooo cute! I bet he was happy to see it on your page!

    I will wait for your answers then decide how to do mine. Could continue with book paper or just use a small journal I have and not add color though, just sketches.

    My SOC is posted today, YAY!! I love these colors!
    Happy weekend and father's day with your hubby and boys!

  2. Your journal is wonderful, what a treasure! Valerie

  3. What a beautiful journal filled with beauty and love! Fantastic!

  4. So many lovely pages. My fav is the one with the fanciful hair.

  5. just wonderful all this amazing pages!

    I would be very happy to meet you at our monthly


  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful shared journal....what great inspiring art! How fun that must have been. However costly shipping it around!! Canadian postage is insane.... maybe it's not as bad in the states!! What a treasure you have now though!! Good luck on the sketch a day!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I've always wanted to participate in one of those traveling art journal projects. Yours is awesome. I love capturing life's moments in my art journal too sometimes, so I know you'll cherish your son's sip-cup someday. Blessings!

  8. This is wonderful. What a lovely idea to have your friends share their art with you.

  9. Your journal is beautiful! I great pictures in it

  10. Gorgeous journal..beautiful..and so lovely to see all the shared works as well..wonderful! and yay..the sippy cup is so sweet..
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a lovely journal collaboration ~ creative and colorful for SS ~ thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. What beautiful pages in your special journal Susan. I have a shelf of RR books filled with gorgeous pages by other artists and I still pick them up to go through quite often. I bet you'll be doing another:):) Nice way to challenge yourself and practice sketching-great job on your son's cup!

  13. thanks for sharing that lovely journal! And cute sippy cup sketch of yours too!

  14. I love the journal, such a treasure to have.
    Such lovely work from all the artists and your sippy cup is very cute.

    Thanks so much for the visit Susan and wishes, my husband had a wonderful birthday


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