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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

T stands for Art

Today, I'm happy that I managed to get early for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday.

 Along with my big cup of green tea I want to share this sea horse painting that I did for the sketchbook challenge. This month their challenge is to do water life. It was not that easy for me to do this sketch. Somehow after a couple of hours I managed to finish Mr. Seahorse.
I've tried the technique of cross hatching on its body. It is a line drawing technique that is used for achieving more value and texture in one's art.

Two weeks ago I shared a doodle here. I used watercolor on it . I like it better in real than on this photo. I do need more practice in painting my doodles.

Yet another page from my online class, The Walk. The class is open only till the end of August and hence I'm busy trying to finish each lesson.
This lesson was all about how we are never alone in times of our difficulties.
There is always someone to help but we need to find our Helper or Guide who can help us in coming up with the answers for our problems.

I also wanted to share with you a poem that my 1st Grader wrote for Poetry Reading in his school. He loves Nature and reads and watches all that he can on that subject.

This is a poem that he wrote on Sharks. We are so proud of this little boy who loves to draw, read and imagine so much on nature and cars, the two subjects that he love the most.
I'm enjoying this last month of his school, where  we get to go and watch their art, listen to their poems and plays. So Thankful for our children who make our world more special to us.
Thank you for being here and going  through all that I've shared here.


  1. A first grader wrote that poem, wow he is good, tell him congratulations all the way from Australia he is one talented boy. Love the drawings too. Your artwork is amazing you really should give yourself more credit and your seahorse brilliant. This is my first time on the T thing, I have known Elizabeth & Bluebeard for awhile.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza 8

  2. I like your sea horse. You should be proud of him :) Your class sounds inspirational.

  3. Your post is brimming with creativity and Love!
    Your son is precious and very talented too...
    his poem is definitely frame worthy...
    Your seahorse turned out beautifully Susan.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T Day

  4. Your seahorse is wonderful Susan. The flower doodles are really lovely. The "Walk" page is full of love and beauty. And you have such an adorable boy-so full of talent-that is one fantastic poem! Happy T day to you!

  5. Color me IMPRESSED with your son, his art and poetry, and his attitude on science. I see a future in Marine Biology for him (grin). After all, he already knows that sharks have no claws.

    Your seahorse is beautiful. I always adore your art. One reason I won't take online classes is many of them expire and I don't think that's fair. I hope you get all the lessons completed in time.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely tea with us, as well as your son's art this week for T.

  6. oh what a treasure your son't poem is! cute photo, and he is already a good write at such a young age! I also especially love your seahorse...I think the cross-hatching definitely adds dimension! happy T Tuesday!

  7. I am SUPER IMPRESSED with your son's poem and drawing......are you sure he is only in the 1st grade....grin.

    But Mom, your sea horse is as impressive too. I do know what cross hatching is and have used it many times in sketches and drawings. Funny I have never "thought" to added it to my journal page. Thanks for the reminder.

    Happy T-day

  8. I love sea themed art and your Mr. Seahorse is just fabulous! I really like the yellow sunflowers, too. You have a very talented son!

  9. Lovely art work and the sea horse contains two of my favorite colors, together. Turquoise and red!
    Your son is adorable and very smart.
    Green tea is a favorite here.
    Happy T to you

  10. So the poem. You've been busy creating as well.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous Susan, but the star of the day for me is your boy. That poem is beautiful and the drawings are great. Well done.

  12. Hello dear friend, so neat that we both linked up at the same time this morning, I must have just missed you. I had to get mine in early before my day of driving kids everywhere, Summer got her braces off today, YAY! So tonight I'm finally visiting everyone at T time.

    Susan, first I must say I LOOOOVe seeing your son's art and poem here, truly makes my day!! He did such a good job! Great picture of him and hope you add that to your PL album. He gets it from you I'm sure!!

    Ok, now this art of yours is so wonderful and so PRETTY!! I love the seahorse and the red things with white dots, looks so good. So glad your doing these challenges, I should try this too, it gives us something new to draw too, YAY!!

    I love your girl and the prompt for this, soooo true my friend. Enjoy all the lessons while you can and please share them with us!!

    The doodle flower is gorgeous, love purple and yellow together, YAY!! That could be a SOC choice one of these weeks. I do need to try drawing bigger flowers like yours and I would love to see you do some small ones.
    Hope your week is a good one. Thank you so much for helping me with that class and sorry it's not working. Makes me happy and thankful just for your efforts!! HUGS!

  13. Love your paintings! you should post your son's poetry page to my Poetry Journal blog!
    Thanks for welcoming me to the T community, your kind words and visiting me!
    robyn 3

  14. Cross hatching takes patience. :) Very nice artwork--we do need to learn how to ask for help. And you have a very talented son! What a wonderful poem for one so young. Great work!
    Happy T-Day!

  15. I remember that doodle, and your addition of color is a great idea. It looks even more detailed now, which I like.

    Your son did a great job on his poem. My son likes nature too. Does your family ever watch the show Nature on PBS? We watch it online, and we just saw a really good episode about beavers.

    I hope you had a good T Day yesterday, and I hope that today is also going well for you.

  16. I love your seahorse! I think you completed it really quickly. Sounds like a fun class and the poem is quite clever.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your son and your journals with Poetry Journal Monthly!


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