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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Circle Journal Part-2

 Happy Tuesday to Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. I'm doing a daily sketch series and the above sketch is part of that project. My children love Dinosaurs and this is a favorite night shirt of my younger son.

Last Friday, I shared the first half pages of my Circle Journal. If you are interested, you can see them here. Today I'm sharing the last 8 pages of the journal.
This amazing texture filled cupcakes were done by Lisa from Michigan.

Then my journal reached the hostess of this Circle Journal project, Denita  in Florida

 From there, she traveled to Becky in Texas who did this bright tea pot and cup

 By then Spring had arrived and she reached Janice's home in North Carolina

 From there she went to Libbi's home in California. I regard Libbi as the queen of texture.

 Next my journal went to Ohio, to Melissa. Love the simplicity and whiteness of this page.

 She then visited Ruthie in South Carolina. This precious angel was done by her.

Finally, I also wanted to share the page that I did. 
Total 15 pages of amazing art. I loved this experience and am sure will be doing something like this again.

I also wanted to share this painting with you. I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece. Usually, I refer tutorials or take classes to paint nature themes. But for this one, I just experimented and played with different shades of reds and gradually this evolved. I'm just feeling ok with this piece, feel like some things are still missing but can't figure out what the exact problem is.I think I need to work more on the flower that is on the middle. Do you think it is complete? Your feedback is welcome.   
Hope you enjoyed all that I've shared here.
Thank you for your encouragement and kind words  
Have a Fabulous Tuesday  


  1. Susan, your paintings are simply INCREDIBLE. From the dinosaur to the flowers, I'm always impressed. Your book is wonderful, too. I bet you are very proud of it, and all the art others have contributed to it.

    As for your flowers, I couldn't draw if my life depended on it, but one thing I learned while watching PBS painting shows is, when two objects are side by side that are basically the same color, you have to made a distinct outline or edge on one. One of the edges must be lighter than the other. If I recall, the lighter flower's edge should be on top. It has something to do with the shading. Not sure if that's what you felt your problem was, especially since I don't feel competent enough to give any advice because I could never provide an example of my own.

    Thanks for sharing your tea and your beautiful art with us this week for T.

  2. Thank you for sharing more beautiful pages in your book Susan. The pages you created are gorgeous!! Your poppy painting is soft looking and lovely. I do agree with Elizabeth though that you want to define the right edge of the flower that's in front so it stands out a bit more. Great job!

  3. A travelling journal, like Flat Stanley in a way. Now, that's a fun idea! I love your poppies. :)

  4. What a great journal, so many different contributors and each with their own style. What fun it must be to thumb through it. Thanks for sharing it, I found it quite interesting.

    You have a wonderful painting, but yes some shadows might please your eye a little more, other than that I think it is pretty good!
    Happy T-day

  5. I love traveling through your journal. I'll take a cupcake with my tea please!
    Thanks again for adding your sons shark poetry page to Poetry Journal Monthly!

  6. What a lucky art journal to be able to travel the globe...
    I am totally smitten with the lovely swan page with the beautiful lady on the facing page!

    My two cents on your pretty poppy painting would be that you may want outline the flowers and leaves loosely to help them pop a bit...

    You are very talented and thank you for reminding me of when our boys were young and knew more dinosaur names than you could shake a stick at...precious times!
    Happy T Day

  7. Chuckled at your son's favorite shirt. :) That is awesome to have a journal passed around the earth for people to share their talents. Wow! I don't know enough about painting to have any suggestions. Looks better than I could do as it is. :) Happy T-Day!

  8. Both your journal page and the flowers look great to me! I love how you did the swans. I am sure you will treasure your journal filled with so many awesome pages.

    I am glad I am not alone with the issues of blank pages and perfection. I agree that sometimes it takes away from the creating.

  9. I love seeing the diversity of style that was returned to you in the traveling journal.
    Happy Tuesday!!

  10. Enjoyed the variety of art in your circle journal. I think you flower painting is great, nothing else needed.


  11. Happy T-Day!
    It's amazing reading where all the pages came from. What a great treasure!
    Your flowers are lovely. I think Elizabeth is right. Make the petal(s) of the flower behind just a bit darker will give it some depth and distinguish the two.

  12. Wow! These are all fantastic! I would so love to do one of these circles but I'm afraid of the journal getting lost in the mail.

  13. Hello Susan!! Sorry, I'm late to get here. Our week has been so busy so I stayed away from the computer. So nice to finally be here and see your fun post!! I love that cute shirt of your son's, I think it's great that your documenting the things from your kids into your daily sketching.

    Susan, these pages from your journal are so GORGEOUS, CREATIVE, YUMMY, AMAZING!! I remember the ones you did too, GORGEOUS!! How fun to have this now to look at and see it made from artists like you from other places. I love this idea and maybe will do one in the future. Enjoy it!!

    I have been sketching, my daughter brought home a big pad of sketch paper from art class, so I'm using it. Have also started something cute and tiny that I will share next week and getting my ICAD done each day too. Now I need to catch up on my PL though, hoping to this weekend.

    Hope your week was a good one and into your weekend also. Here it was hot and now it's cooler, had some rain too. Can't believe how fast June is going by already. Hugs!!


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