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Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello Friday

I love to take part in challenges but the only issue is lack of time. Anyways this week I managed to do this mixed media page on some whimsical houses.
"Home is a starting place for Love and Dreams."
I'm linking this page to Mix it Monthly and Art Journal Journey where the theme for this month is Home

 Day-3 from my Daily Sketches series. I also did this cone flower painting on book page as part of the Week-24 DLP Challenge.

 Day-4 A quick sketch of my 3 year old's  teddy bear. 

Day-5 I never got the time to add color to this.

 A water color painting of the White Spotted Puffer fish for this month's sketchbook challenge, Water Life

Hooded Oriole with my Koi water colors

That is it for this week. One more day and then the summer holidays start for my first grader. June is almost over and why do I get the feeling that Summer is shorter than winter!  
Linking my page to PPFArt Journal Everyday and SundaySketches 
Wishing you all a peaceful and happy week


  1. Wonderful journal pages and a great vaiety of art this week. Valerie

  2. Your sketches are wonderful and your house journal pages are so colorful with perfect words too!

  3. Wow, you've been a busy bee the last week. I simply love your fishes, the overall look, the colors and the brightness of it. Lovely.

  4. I love your puffer fish! So cute! The colors you used and blended together were perfect!

  5. beautiful drawings and sketches. And I really LOVE those vibrant houses and trees in that happy neighborhood!

  6. what a fantastic variety of art this week.. I adore your fishes and the bird and the houses are so happy..
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art journal Journey!

  7. So busy!! Your artwork is great...
    I agree. School systems are making summer way too short!

  8. Susan, you have such a delightful bunch of art today. All of it is so pretty. I love the puffer fish and the cone flower.

  9. Wow you have been so busy....very inspirational my friend!! Love these...great teddy and the houses...and the almond milk wow so much eye candy! Good for you!! Send some of that creative mojo over will ya!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I love the almond milk.... hope you get time to add colour to it, and the fish came out wonderfully...xx

  11. You've had a very prolific week too, and everything is marvelous. I'm especially drawn to your cone flower, 3-year old's teddy bear, and puffer fish, because they have a very special feel to them. Blessings!

  12. Lovely work, it brings a smile!

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  13. All of your sketches and paintings are fabulous!!! Yes time is an issue.

  14. Hello Susan, so much art to love from you, YAY!! I love all of these and the variety of things you find to draw. That teddy bear is so CUTE !! What a sea animal painter you are, so fun to see these from you each week. Great details in all of these too. The milk carton looks good as is and I can see the wonderful work you did on it, everything lined up just right!!!
    So glad you got your art time in this week and hope it will continue while boys are home, YAY for summer vacation!! I was just saying yesterday that summer is already going WAY TO FAST!! I am not happy about that, so not ready for the cold. Sitting outside and enjoying it each chance I get, let the house get dirty but GET OUTSIDE while you can too dear friend.
    I will be linking up for T this week, and have art and PL to share in it, YAY!!! After this week things get a little better.
    Happy Sunday and have a great day! HUGS!

  15. Well, you got a lot done this week! Love the houses and the puffer fish especially ....

  16. Lovely sketching all. Your bird is so cute. xox

  17. Lovely pages, Susan! The colourful houses, the almond milk and the fish are my favourites. I so understand the time issue because I always feel like I never have enough. Life often gets in the way of my plans to sketch.

    Visiting from Sunday Sketches ~ :)

  18. Love the 'puffer fish' and the cute little bear ~ other creations are great too ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  19. So much lovely things to find here on your blog Susan, but the houses are so adorable with their funny roofs and the red trees beneath!! What a cute lil town you have addeed to Mix It Monthly Thank you so much! ♥ Conny

  20. Susan, great pieces. Your bear is so adorable and I LOVE your bright, cheerful houses. :)

  21. wonderful the flower and the fish a lot. Happy SS

  22. Your watercolors are wonderful! I especially love the teddy bear and the fish! The sentiment for the theme of houses is very sweet too!

  23. Loving your journal pages especially your home one. I really must get my journal out but I am enjoying the good weather too much and like to sit out with my Girls (chickens) for a while when I get home from work, much longer than normal.

  24. I love your daily sketches and the sweet memories that come along with them. Thanks for stopping by.

  25. Amazing journal page and great art works. I specially love the cute bear.


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