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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Art

Wow! June is almost getting over. This week I've been super busy. My son's vacation has started, he has also started with his summer camp and seems to be enjoying it.

We have also enrolled for the summer reading program at the library (my 3 year old is also in it and we both have fun reading The Rainbow Fish, Moe Willems...and so many other books).

Time is just flying but let me be honest I immensely love it, hmm, at least most of it-:) (not the whining, complaining part...) 
Thankfully, I'm also able to do at least 1-2 hrs of art and here are some that I enjoyed doing...

This is my first time creating in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook and I love it. This is the Zeta series and the paper is smooth and takes in a lot of water. I also used Winsor and Newton watercolors for the first time and I'm so much a fan of it now. The colors are rich and smooth and now I want a big set. But it is very expensive and I'm now waiting for a good sale at the art store.

I'm continuing with my daily sketches. Last week we went strawberry picking and I did a sketch after one of the strawberries that my sons picked.

This pear is for the One Little Word challenge by Ronda Palazzari. The prompt is 'Light' and this is my take for it since I tried to play around with light and shadow with this piece.

 Week-25 Add Hearts to your page.  

Week-25 Add a favorite line from a book. As I love quotes I used two of them on my watercolor flowers 
The above two pages are for Week-25, 26 at Documented Life Project.

Finally, a page from Mindy Lacefield's Sunday Morning class. I think this is one of my favorites from her class. 

Well, that is it for this week.
Wishing you all a Happy Weekend


  1. Wow, Susan, this is really a feast for the eyes. I love all the different, beautiful works you've done this week.

  2. Beautiful work this week, just love it! Valerie

  3. I love your artj journal pages, especially the dogwood and the strawberry. Take care, and blessings!

  4. Wonderful watercolors! Great journal pages. :)

  5. Hello Susan,
    So happy to see ALL this wonderful art you made this week. First, Happy Summer vacation!!! So glad your boys are on break with you now and hope it's a fun time for all of you.

    That strawberry is so sweet, love it and the memory of your day with the boys. YAY!! I love the quotes you used on your flower page, SO GOOD AND TRUE, thank you for the needed words!! The Sunday page is awesome and I so wish I could have done that with you. Just glad you got to enjoy it and that makes me happy enough!!
    The pear and dogwood look amazing, so much fun you had this week. YAY for new paints and paper, ENJOY THEM!! I have been doing my sketches too, just keeping them in pen.

    I saw your comment and question, the first picture is of the onions, Rich just weeded them and wanted me to share how good they look. The second one is a tomato which actually is 2 tomatoes, one is hiding beside it. I didn't realize that when taking the picture. My inchies, look better in person, the photo makes them look too dark. They are like abstract art, didn't think of that before.

    Happy weekend my friend, enjoy it and doing more art. Will be linking up for T time just not sure where to squeeze it in. Kristin leaves on Monday, big prayers please to keep her focused and strong. She is starting to feel the loss of being away from us now, esp. her siblings. Thank you!! HUGS!

  6. wonderful projects Susan-you have managed quite well to get a lot done! Your sketches keep getting better and better-beautiful. I love the hearts page. And your Mindy painting is gorgeous!

  7. This is truly wonderful art. I love that you and your daughter go reading together.

  8. so many beautiful pieces this week! I love the very first one, "Dogwood". The colors came out so rich, it's beautiful. I also love your strawberry picking page. I'm obsessed with anything with strawberries on it. haha!

  9. All so different but all so lovely. Love the pear and the owl most ....

  10. Great journal pages. They are light and so summery. Hope those strawberries were sweet and delicious.

  11. Love all your colorful, creative and well done pages ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    Your sketches are excellent despite you feeling terrible ~ love the doggie one , of course, ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. I am so impressed with how much you accomplished...all so beautiful too!! Wow all so special!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Very lovely journal pages, Susan. Love the bright colors. xx :)

  14. Gorgeous watercoloring, Susan, love all of them!!


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