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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Watercolors...

Hello Tuesday and this is my sketch for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday. This weekend we made a trip to Target and I bought  a pair of these mugs. Of course then the cup became a subject for my daily sketching series.  

Thank you all who gave some invaluable suggestions on the water color Poppies that I did last week. I did make some changes on the flowers with my paints but still I didn't like it as a whole piece. So I cut them out and pasted on a Teal background and Viola! this is my take for the Week-2 challenge at Summer of Colors.

This is my doodle for SOC's Week-1 Challenge where the colors were Aqua Blue, Yellow and a dash of Pink. I had done this 2 weeks ago but never remembered to post it-:)

Last Tuesday, I was not very happy with my Poppies and after some surfing on the net, I found a tutorial to do some loose watercolor paintings and the above painting is the result.

 I loved the loose style of painting, without any outlining or details that I got inspired to do one more in the same style. Now I want to do more flowers this way

That is it for this week. My daily sketches are coming off well.
Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday


  1. All of your artwork is lovely...
    I too especially like your loose watercolor paintings...
    they turned out beautifully!
    Enjoy your new mugs and Happy T Day to you Susan

  2. I love the way you ended up cutting out the poppies. Are your yellow flowers wild sunflowers? I have some that look like that, and this "loose" style really captures them.

  3. I adore your new mug you sketched. It's a beauty. I also like how you treated both your SOC entries. Too bad not many of us get to see them. They are really lovely, and I love how you treated the poppies.

    I had to laugh at your GORGEOUS watercolors. I tried watercolors last week, and mine looked like a five year old did it. Your son would have done a better job than I. You make BEAUTIFUL art.

    Thanks for sharing your new mug AND your lovely watercolors with us for T this Tuesday, dear Susan.

  4. OMGosh! Those "loose" watercolor flowers are just gorgeous!
    Could you send me link? I would love to give it a try.

    You are doing way better with the SOC than I am. I love colors, but for some reason SOC is being blocked from my MOJO.....LOL
    Happy T-day, and thanks for stopping by this week.

  5. Nice mug! I really like the loose watercolor paintings you did. Watercolor is my favorite painting medium. The plus for me is it goes quickly, the minus is you can't make many changes. I join Krisha in asking for the link.


  6. Loveing the loose and the big red mug!

  7. I think that loose style of watercolor painting really suits you. You did a great job with it.

    I've been doing SOC this year, too. I might tackle this week's color combo today...we'll see.

    It's always great to meet another library fan. :)

    I'm glad you liked my A to Z post. If you make one of your own, do let me know.

    Happy T Day!

  8. Hello dear friend, so funny to see we linked up together again. I'm sneaking on for the 10 minutes I have while little ones nap and I have to go pick up two of my kids.

    Susan, LOOOOOVE your loose painted flowers, have always wanted to do some like that. Yours are gorgeous and just right and YES YES YES keep making them. The other pieces are pretty as well, you have a talent and I'm so glad you share it with us.
    Cute new mug and drawing of it, I'm still doing mine too but not wanting to share as they aren't that good.

    Saw your comment on my inchies and would love see you make some and know you would enjoy it. Keep doing what you can in your PL, every little bit counts. Work on it one weekend each month and you will get there. If you lived here you could come eat fresh strawberries out my garden, wouldn't that be great!

    Have a wonderful week, I am hoping to post more this week. Oh and Renee has the closing shift at DQ for 5 nights straight. I have to stay awake to go get her and will be on computer and crafting, lol.

    Happy T Day!

  9. Gorgeous sketches and painting as always. Love the poppies on the teal. They really pun intended...just a happy accident. :)

  10. Your watercolor flowers are just gorgeous! I like how you reworked the poppies by mounting them on the teal page! Hope your enjoy your new mug!

  11. I love to come and see your lovely art work---your water colouring is gorgeous :)
    I like the new cups, especially the colour. Happy Tuesday :)


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