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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome July

Welcome July! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments that you  all showered on the last week's sketches. Krisha, I'm adding the link of the tutorial. If anybody else is interested, do take a look at this link 

I bought some new cups from Target . Love them for their color and these became my theme for my daily sketch. I'm also linking this to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
 These Tiger Lilies are thriving in our apartment complex and now they are also part of my daily sketching journal.
 I tried to sketch the apartment building opposite to ours. But it didn't come out well. Anyways I'm happy to document something related to where we are living.

Love to sketch birds and this is a piece that I did of a little sparrow.  

My children love fruits and this week I did these blueberries in my sketch book.

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend 
Thank you for being here


  1. Your sketches are beautiful. The tiger lilies are a favorite of mine..I enjoyed seeing your drawing very much.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Your sketches are really lovely! Buildings are not my favorite thing to draw and I think they are a challenge, but you've done well. My favorite is that you used pen and watercolor. Well done! happy Tuesday! ☺

  3. I love tiger lilies! Mother had some in her backyard, but I've never had any. Sweet memories. Thx! :)

  4. what lovely sketches Susan! The last one of the blueberries is just dreamy. Happy T day to you.

  5. Your sketches are all lovely...
    each one has its own special charms!
    I too enjoy fruit so very much and flowers and birds and :-)
    Happy T Day
    Happy July!

  6. Since I'm not one who draws or sketches, I always love to see what you have created in your daily journal. My lilies are trying to bloom, but so far have not. Yours are beautiful. Of course, I LOVE birds, so this one is stunning.

    Thanks for sharing your new cups and other art with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. Lovin' your sketches.. Especially the tigerlillys as they have a special place in my childhood heart....Hugs! deb

  8. Love to come and see your sketches--they are amazing :) My first tiger lily popped open yesterday!
    Happy t day :)

  9. Hello Susan! Took me all day but I'm here, lol. Wish it was only June 1st today, would love to have that month back to enjoy. WOW, look at these beautiful sketches your doing, so happy for you and making the time. I actually love the apartment building one, the rest are wonderful and say summer time!! I am still doing mine, nothing as good as yours but at least it's pen to paper. I am working crazy on my next ATC swap, hoped to have them done by now but falling behind. Have had many late nights waiting up for Renee coming home from DQ so I'm dragging thru my days this week, lol. Summer and I have gone for a walk each day at 6:30am, so proud of her for doing this. She comes home and naps though and I get busy on chores, lol.
    So glad you enjoyed my post today too, thought you would like the flower ATCs, they are pretty and such a variety of styles. I'm enjoying the ICAD so much too, just did some with the new SOC colors for this week which I LOVE!!
    Have a wonderful week dear friend! Enjoy the summer days and Happy 4th!

  10. of course as a robin, i'm partial to the bird, and all the sketches are lovely! the light coming through the blue cups will create a wonderful mood for any beverage!

  11. Lots of great sketches, Susan! I think I would love those Target cups.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Your art is great, my favorite might be the bird. The cups are such a pretty color, blues always catch my eye. Thanks for the link. I did look at the site but haven't looked at the video yet. I will soon.



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