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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 29, 30

This is the last post from the challenge, 30 Paintings in 30 Days. I'm happy that I was able  to finish it but I couldn't complete 29 Faces-:( I think I should have been more practical while choosing to do two challenges at a time. Anyways I am not going to stop painting but have decided to continue creating in my Fall Journal for this entire season. 

I'm linking this last September post at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday  In my cup I have my usual Folger's coffee.

 Another one of those beautiful autumn treasures that I found on my way back from my son's school. I do all my water colors with my Koi set. Now it is almost finished and am researching on a new brand. I am very happy with Koi but I just wanted to explore more on water colors... Do you have any suggestions?
This is Day-29 painting. I did these flowers on top of gesso and that is why there is a different feel to it.  Keeping a journal for a specific season has its own benefits. I'm now learning so many things about Fall. For instance I did not know anything about this flower or that even Hibiscus was a Fall flower. I hope to do a sketch of it too on this journal.

Thank you all who came my way and  took the time to motivate me.
This had been a wonderful journey and I hope to continue with it. But of course I will be posting my creations only twice or thrice a week here. That way I can relax and also find time to visit everyone in blog land.
Have a wonderful week


  1. I'm not very arts-y, and my craft-y days ended when the kids outgrew me; so it's not often I see one of these art challenges that tempt me, but I think a seasonal journal might be something I'd enjoy. Maybe one of these days I'll join in :) Happy Tea Tuesday!

  2. your watercolors are really lovely, and I think experimenting is a great idea. I think I need to try your idea of watercolors over gesso! Beautiful pages...happy T day!

  3. Hi Susan, wish I could help you with watercolor suggestions, but I've not used them myself before, but your colorin gover the gesso (again, I haven't used) looks great. But, I know as artists, we all seek different mediums to change things up. Happy T-day!

  4. lovely watercolors. Happy Tuesday!

  5. I'd have a hard time keeping up with one 30 day challenge! Great fall leaves (my favorite time of year!) and awesome red cup, I might add. There are so many brands of watercolors, but I'd go ahead and try any artist quality watercolors. Snoop around online at Dick Blick or Cheap Joe's, for example. They even have their own brands. Cheap Joe's has a whole series of videos you can watch, too, on products, techniques, etc.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  6. These are just lovely! It is hard to keep up with too many challenges.

  7. I also work in watercolors & enjoy seeing your watercolors. W/C's can be tricky. GREAT job!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  8. Lovely pages :) I believe a seasonal journal may make it easier to keep up. If it's just a big journal, it's a bit daunting! Congratulations for sticking with the 30 days challenge :)
    Happy T day :)

  9. Very impressive painting skills, my dear. So good to see you completed this challenge. You can be proud of yourself, that's for sure.

    The only form of "watercolors" I've ever used are the Twinkling H2Os. They are sparkly, with bits of mica powder in them, but I doubt you would want to use them for everyday use. I've heard good things about Koi, but if you want to change, you might want to try the tube watercolors. More expensive, but more saturated color, too. Golden and Winston & Newton both have great lines of tube watercolors.

    Thanks for sharing your adorable watercolors with us for T this Tuesday. I really enjoy your art and drawings.

  10. WOW! Lovely paintings, and congrats on making it through the 30 day challenge. I am getting ready to start one on Oct. 1st, hope I can keep up with it like you and Elizabeth have.
    Happy T-day

  11. Hello Susan, so good to be here and see your FALL art! My computer has been down again, UUUGGG!! So frustrating but I'm here.
    I love love your fall album and ideas always. I had no idea those were fall flowers either, beautiful texture and color on them.
    You did a great job keeping up with both challenges, even the faces for as long as you could. I'm amazed at all you and Elizabeth got done this month. Be proud and happy!!

    I posted a quick post and if computer keeps working will be back to do more. Also, either size is ok with my sister. THANK YOU!!
    Hope you and boys are doing well and enjoying FALL!!! Hope to chat again soon, HUGS!

  12. Wonderful flowers! I love the gentleness of the painting. :)


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